BMW Is Under Investigation Of SEC Over Sales Reporting

US securities and exchange commission recently has decided to investigate german automobile making giant company BMW. Official reports came, which shows BMW is getting scrutinized by SEC for showing inappropriate sales figures. The similar investigation happened a few months ago of Fiat Chrysler in which the company had to pay a significant amount of penalty. Phil Dhilanni, the official spokesperson of BMW, said that they are going to cooperate with officials of SEC in this investigation fully.

The automobile industry is not performing well, and because of it, BMW faced many problems this year. Various stumbles were in front of BMW last year, but it seems like the worst period hasn’t ended for the German automaker. A few months ago, BMW paid more than $31 million in a penalty for breaking German antitrust laws of buying steel. The financial statement of company shows they have already made a provision of $1.5 billion for the European Union for delaying the rollout of cleaner emission cars.

BMW is facing an immense amount of competition from Daimler Mercedes and Benz for selling luxurious cars in the US market, where BMW, as of now, leads the market. Records of BMW with dealers are also not good because earlier dealers have criticized the company for putting pressure on them to buy cars from the manufacturer. Things are already moving drastically in the automobile industry were well-established companies are trying to diverse core businesses. Fiat Chancellor is the best example of paying the penalty for showing wrong sales figures, and it seems like BMW might be the next one. BMW had a similar type of investigation done by SEC for same thing, which was reported by significant news sources, but nothing came out of it. However, this time things are quite different, and BMW might end up paying a higher amount of penalties than expectations.

Obesity Will Affect More than Half American People in the Upcoming Decade, Experts Warn

A new study has predicted that over half of the American adults will be overweight in the upcoming ten years. Besides this, the US will have more number of gravely obese people by 2030. Researchers from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health have made the new projections in a study published in the New England Journal of England. They noted those classes mainly are at a rapid pace for severe obesity. As per the scientists, people facing severe obesity usually have a BMI of more than 35 or around 100 pounds of extra weight. Zachary Ward, study’s leading author, said before this, it pretty rare that people belong to the severely obese class. But now, they have discovered that it’s becoming the most widespread BMI group among all subgroups.

Reportedly, around 40% of adults in the U.S. are overweight, and about 18% lie under the severely obese category. The group of researchers says their discoveries are alarming as obesity is on the rise, and severe form of obesity raises the risk of various diseases. If the number continues to rise, it could have an impact on healthcare costs and eventually result in premature deaths of Americans. Besides this, obesity is a common risk factor that contributes to the development of various chronic medical conditions. The broad range of diseases includes heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and even certain forms of cancer.

Health officials note combating the rapidly soaring obesity outbreak will not only result in better health but also cut medical expenditures. Well, this is not the first study to outline obesity among the American population and its impact. Before this, another research has revealed obesity accounts for around 21% of the entire cost of healthcare across the US. Apart from this, obesity continues to infect more than one-third of adults in America. Meanwhile, experts say that losing weight and keeping it out is challenging, particularly for women. Currently, the team of researchers is calling on lawmakers at both state and federal levels to adopt measures like imposing a tax on sugary drinks.

Small Business Saturday Attracts Customers Offline To Increase Their Market

SMALL business Saturday is one of the biggest shoppers’ festivals where all the shoppers came out to assist and hold up the small business owner by the localities in north jersey. With the help of this event, we can attract more and more customers to a better deal. They claimed that their experience in the industry helps them offer their shopper best deal at a local store what they will receive at big box stores. Jim Morgan, the owner of the Curious Reader, said that they are excellent at founding the best book to the children they wanted to read that why they offer is different and personalized. Steve Corbo, of Corbo Jewellers of Rutherford, said enjoys his store provides for a ring or bracelet in person impacts the customer’s trust. Issues related to the product doesn’t require to send back items somewhere, which reduces the hassle.
Online shopping experiences face a lot of stress and hassle for products or stores, but small business gives you trust and assurance. In a recent survey say 2.1% of traffic has been increased compared to the last year because of small business black Friday. That day sales recorded by them were almost 7.4 billion dollars as per the associated press.
This has shown upward growth of the market share of the U.S online retail sales compared to general commodities sales in 2019, as reported by the U.S commerce department. They also reported that 12% of total sales were showed by online sales, while 11.2% for general merchandise excludes car and restaurant expenditure. Corbis also said once that it is difficult to compete with the big box stores and the malls, but there are some activities they offer to their customer, which help them gain attention from their customers. Hence, slowly, there are breaking the doors to enter the more significant and bigger market.

China’s Manufacturing Sector Is Performing Better Than Expectations

There were multiple reports before which stated that the Chinese economy, especially the manufacturing sector, is getting affected because of an ongoing trade war. In November, the manufacturing industry of China has surpassed everyone’s expectations, and the index crossed the benchmark of 50. Chinese manufacturing index for November rose to 50.2, which did not happen since April. The geopolitical situation is getting better; also, the global economy is getting stable from the last few months, which has helped China’s manufacturing sector to achieve this target. The manufacturing manager’s index has reached 50.2, and the nonmanufacturing index has found to be at 54.4, which is highest since last March. Now, this stat shows that China’s economy will surpass 6% per year growth objective, but the industrial sector is lagging, and it needs a substantial revamp. Currently, household consumption is also facing problems because of the increase in food prices. However, some experts are still skeptical about China’s economy because they think a single month’s data can’t tell whether the country is going through a good time or not.

According to experts, China’s economy has got much affected because of the slowdown of the global economy and trade war with the USA. Now to correctly see whether the economic conditions have improved or not, one will have to wait further to get a clear picture. President Trump has already declared to impose new tariffs on Chinese goods from December 15, and the Chinese government is trying to get a trade deal signed before it happens. However, the manufacturing sector getting improved from the last few months is the best sign that China’s economy is getting back on track. Still, medium and small scale enterprises are shrinking continuously. The Chinese government will have to take some steps to make an improvement there to get back on track of a stable economy.